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Real Estate Investing is the greatest opportunity I have ever seen for people like you and me to change our family tree.


I've changed the trajectory of my life in just a few years with real estate, and I've seen countless others do the same.

But there's a mistake I see 99% of investors making...

The mistake that every investor I talk to has in common is that they significantly OVERPAY taxes. How much? It depends, some $10,000s, some $50,000s, and other people like my good mentor Bill Faeth, MILLIONS. And this is exactly why I've created my 365 Tax Strategy.


I want to empower you with all the tax-saving strategies that you can use to save yourself more than $10,000 a year in taxes and unwanted headaches. 


I want to help you with your financing decisions to ensure that your tax strategy is aligned with your financing opportunities.

To do this, you need a roadmap to tax planning given your SPECIFIC situation. After working with over 200+ investors I have begun to notice common patterns. 

  • High Earning W2 and business owner professionals¬†who are getting crushed by Uncle Sam
  • Individuals¬†looking for more time and freedom away from their jobs they hate
  • Investors looking to use real estate as a way to build wealth and not be reliant on the stock market¬†¬†


 Don't miss out the opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars every year for the rest of your life.


Common problems we help clients solve:

Sound familiar?

Low cashflow

Let's face it - the real estate market is more competitive than ever in 2023. Carrying costs are up, bookings are down, and this makes it harder than ever to make sure your properties are cashflowing.

That's why NOW is the perfect time to focus on your tax strategy - making sure you're not giving the government a dollar more than you have to come April 15th.                         .

Unpredictable tax bill

Ever been surprised once tax season comes? Not fun, right?

Most real estate investors don't know how to properly plan for tax season, and that means you're blindsided by just how much money Uncle Sam is taking out of your pocket. We'll strategically plan your transactions so you have all year to plan and save for April 15th.


Information overload

There's a million "experts" out there who are selling theoretical knowledge. They throw around words like "depreciation recapture", "passive activity loss", "material participation"...

As both a licensed CPA AND an investor myself - I'm breaking down this knowledge from a "boots on the ground" perspective - eliminating jargon and getting clear on what's actually important.


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About Your Instructor

You might have seen this guy around...

Ryan Bakke, CPA

Ryan started his career at Deloitte where he consulted large investment banks, hedge funds, and real estate syndications. Since starting his own firm in 2021, he's helped thousands of real estate investors save millions of dollars off their tax bill.

What's Included?


Kickoff Call

45 min 1-1 call with Ryan to get you started on your custom Tax Blueprint

$3,000 Value!

Weekly Office Hours

Join our office hour calls where you can get all your tax and financial questions answered by Ryan!

 $15,000 Value!

Industry Leading Templates  

Members who go through the Tax Strategy Academy will have access to templates and processes that are top notch for the industry!

  $1,000 Value!


You will have the opportunity to network with high level real estate investors as well as a large professional service network consisting of lenders, attorneys, and vendor specialists.


Continuous Learning

As the tax laws and financing opportunities change the modules will be updated so that you don't have to worry about modifications!


24/7 Support

Members of the Tax Strategy Academy will be able to get their questions answered at anytime!




Q: What if I am a beginner investor, can I still benefit from the Tax Strategy Service?

A: Yes! Even the beginner investor can benefit from the tax strategy service because the strategies that are discussed in the academy are for beginner, intermediate, and advanced investor levels.

Q: When will the office hours be?

A: We will have office hours during the following times:

  • First Monday at 9:00AM CST
  • Second Tuesday at 12:00 PM CST
  • Third Wednesday at 3:00PM CST
  • Fourth Thursday at 7:00 PM CST

Q: Does this cover tax preparation of my returns?

A: This does not include tax preparation, however it will give you priority access for tax preparation services at my tax prep firm!

Q: How long does my membership last?

A: Your membership ends 365 days from your purchase.

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